Teen Counseling

Tom Mathews provides teen counseling and therapy that is rooted in effective psychological principles that facilitates healthy change.

Teen and Adolescent Counseling

Spanning roughly 20 years, childhood and adolescence are marked by dramatic changes in physical, cognitive, and social-emotional skills and capacities. Mental health in childhood and adolescence is defined by the achievement of expected developmental cognitive, social, and emotional milestones and by secure attachments, satisfying social relationships, and effective coping skills. Mentally healthy children and adolescents enjoy a positive quality of life; function well at home, in school, and in their communities; and are free of disabling symptoms of psychopathology (Hoagwood et al., 1996).

Is your child engaging in behavior that is troubling to you? Are you worried that you may be losing your child to peer pressure, alcohol, drugs, or other concerns? Do you lie awake at night wondering, “What did I do wrong? With all we have done, why is my child not thriving?”

Now, more than ever, ignoring a child’s emotional and/or behavioral struggles can lead to a lifetime of unhappiness filled with chronic family discord, poor academic and social achievement, addictions, and other forms of poor coping and functioning.  I work with teens and their families that are hoping to restore a sense of unity and happiness within their home, to improve their ability to peacefully resolve conflicts, and to develop skills that will help them through challenging circumstances in the future.

My specialty is working with parents and children that are experiencing a great deal turmoil resulting in parents who feel angry and powerless and children who act-out their feelings in a variety of inappropriate ways. While listening is an integral part of the counseling process, “just listening” generally does not address the problem(s). In my work with you and your child, you will learn and practice skills that will restore a healthy ‘Parent-Child’ relationship.

If you have questions, or wonder if counseling will be helpful, please give me a call or send me an email.  I’ll be happy to connect with you and address the questions or concerns you have.

I work with teens who experience the following challenges:

Oppositional-Defiant Behavior

Adjustment Issues due to
Separation and Divorce

Blended Family Issues

Poor Social Skills

Issues related to Depression
and Anxiety

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Issues related to ADD/ADHD

Issues related to Grief

Tom Mathews, M.A., M.F.T. | Counseling in Roseville and Sacramento