Couples Counseling

Tom Mathews provides couples counseling and therapy that is rooted in effective psychological principles that facilitates healthy change.

Couples Counseling

“Our wedding was many years ago. Our celebration still continues to this day.” – Gene Perret

Is this how you envisioned your relationship but are feeling unhappy, frustrated, and unsure if you can continue?   Our most intimate relationships can evoke a wide spectrum of feelings from the ‘highest highs’ to the ‘lowest lows’.  Being able to successfully navigate through the challenges is an important facet in having a good relationship.  I help restore hope and teach couples how to get what they need from the relationship.

Typically, in the beginning of treatment there are four major areas of focus: Communication (Reactive vs. Responsive), Reducing Reactive Exchanges, Individual Wants and Needs, and Assertive Communication.  What I do in couples therapy is work with you and your partner to reach the goals that each of you want to attain.  Some couples want to be able to communicate without fighting: Others want to resolve issues that have resulted in resentment, emotional-distancing, or endless power struggles.

My theoretical orientation draws heavily from Object -Relations TheoryCognitive-Behavioral TheoryPsychoeducational Theory, and Solution-Focused Theory.  My counseling style is best described as warm, friendly, and professional: I believe that formost to the facilitation of optimum development and well-being is the establishment of a safe therapeutic relationship where people can share their innermost thoughts and feelings without fear of retribution or rejection.

I work with couples who may be  married, engaged, living together, or are in the process of taking the relationship to a new level but want to obtain the skills to make it last.  Prior to making an appointment, I’ll be happy to spend some time talking with each of you to ensure that I am a good fit for your needs.

Couples come to me for a wide variety of reasons including:

Communication problems

Lack of intimacy

Blended Family Issues

Major life transitions

Parenting issues


Domestic Violence Issues

Premarital Counseling

Coping with extended family

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